School Radio


It’s arrived – affordable school radio

Affordable school radio is now a reality thanks to the fully trained, specialised and enthusiastic staff at School Life Broadcasting. With years of experience, we offer bespoke, professional services at an absolutely unbeatable price.

We provide a sleek, tailored, cutting edge technical package, comprehensive training and dedicated, ongoing support – leaving you feeling totally assured. Our track record speaks for itself, with head teachers up and down the length of the UK delighted with the services we provide.

Why school radio?

Having a school radio station puts your school right at the heart of the creative curriculum. As well as fulfilling Scotland’s “Curriculum For Excellence” requirements and covering England’s National Curriculum learning objectives creatively, broadcasting is a powerful and stimulating platform that brings so much to pupils – and teachers alike. It’ll give them lifelong skills, tap into their creativity, help with team building, educate, inform and engage.

A proven way to engage pupils

Academic research continues to highlight that the synergy of music and technology presents potential new opportunities for educators, demonstrating quite clearly that it is a highly engaging and fun way to help children learn literacy and develop as individuals. Award-winning Jody Collins, who wrote the ITC curriculum, was one of the early adopters of School Life Broadcasting and fully endorses our school radio and school TV service too.

Put simply, the benefits and applications are limited only by imagination, and let’s face it – children have plenty of that! Please have a closer look at our services or get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat and help.


Be as creative as you like while satisfying the curriculum.

Just look at the advantages of having your own school radio station:

✔ Covers England’s National Curriculum learning objectives creatively and Scotland’s “Curriculum For Excellence” criteria

✔ Improve your children’s oracy skills / confidence / self-esteem / quality & quantity of speaking and listening

✔ Raise achievement/attainment using your radio or TV station

✔ Extend work with parents and enrich home-school learning and independence

✔ Excite/revive your curriculum

✔ Celebrate your pupils’ work thorough your radio or TV station

✔ Motivate every ability level, enhance creativity in the curriculum and enrich extra-curricular activities

✔ Quizzes, dramas, news reports, musical sessions, interviews, podcasts and more are possible!

✔ Promote issues relevant to your school

✔ Increase your school’s social cohesion

✔ Foster confidence building, critical thinking and lifelong learning skills


Our package for a typical primary school includes the following :

✔ 10 weather proof speakers of top quality audio around key social areas dinner hall and outdoor play areas including monitors

✔ All amplifiers

✔ Mixing desk

✔ Podcasting suite for internet (streaming via school website)

✔ Industry standard professional software pack for dynamic pre-recorded and live broadcasting

✔ Production software for making up of creative content

✔ Jingles / sound FX’s pack

✔ Our very own media management system for pre-recorded broadcasting and play listing

✔ Professional condenser microphones & professional earphones

✔ 2000 digital music tracks with regular new releases updated every 6 weeks

✔ All cabling and wiring fixtures and fittings

✔ Professional presenter training (delivery on live broadcasting techniques speech based)

✔ Professional producer training (delivery of technical production techniques)

✔ Professional radio station training on how to run a successful station (how to run at a profit and raise funds)

For an exploratory meeting and survey please contact Sean McKeown at School Life Broadcasting on 07917444193 or e-mail We really look forward to hearing from you.

Stop Press* Free Funding is available for schools that fall into areas of special measures, attainment challenges, and a level of free school meals. Does this apply to your school?

If so, then our consultants will work with you to get your funding through to allow you to get your school radio station live. Download the application form, complete and e-mail it to Sean McKeown at School Life Broadcasting *

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