Why should our school have its own radio station?

There are so many great reasons why school radio can make a massive difference to your school. Key reasons include improved learning amongst pupils, strengthened team building, increased levels of confidence, creativity, critical thinking and concentration, lifelong skills instilled at an early age and much, much more. Put simply, it’s a brilliant, proven, fun way for children to learn and develop as positive individuals. It can also give the school a huge boost and improve social cohesion. Teachers seem to love it too!


I’d imagine there would be some disruption to the school when installing a radio station?

No, not at all. We conduct an initial survey then will arrange a day to come down to install everything that is required. This lasts just one day with no disruption to normal school life. Our specialist equipment is designed to be sleek and modern – not bulky. We don’t build over-the-top, cumbersome, expensive studios that aren’t needed, but we do give you everything that you do need to run your own dynamic radio station (and more!) including full, professional broadcast training.



What is a short film showcase and why would we need that?

“I absolutely love the video – it’s got a fab feel – full of warmth – looks welcoming – I love the music – many of us have watched it this morning – everyone says awesome and all have said they are getting goosebumps”. This was what headteacher Mrs Jatinder Virk said about the short film showcase we did for her children’s centre. It’s a brilliant way to reach potential parents thinking of where to send their children. Online video is a massive growth area. Put simply, people would rather watch a short video than read through a lot of text to find out if the school is right for their child. Watching a short, beautifully shot film creates the right  impression immediately. Please have a look at some of the films we’ve made for schools. 


What makes School Life Broadcasting different?

A question we love to answer! The simple answer is that we deliver AFFORDABLE school radio and school film showcases for schools without compromising quality, service or training. Our testimonials prove just how satisfied head teachers across the UK are with the packages we offer. Starting at a fraction of our nearest competitor we are simply unmatched and we even include professional broadcast training with each package that none of our overpriced competitors cover. Oh and we make a good cup of tea too. It’s a win-win!


What areas do you cover?

We work up and down the UK, from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Okay, mostly in between but if there are any schools that would like to work with us in the Land’s End or John O’Groats areas, please do get in touch!

Carnforth High

The School Life Broadcasting team with some enthusiastic pupils


Once you leave do we never hear from you again? What about on-going support if needed?

Don’t worry – we’re not the love you and leave you types, we’ll be there when you need us! We pride ourselves on our friendly, bespoke service and we encourage you to keep in touch with us, to share your programme ideas and more! We’ll provide you with additional training, an update of songs for your database and support. We’re always on hand to help as our testimonials prove.


What’s the first step?

Just give Sean McKeown a call on 07917444193 or e-mail sean@schoollifebroadcasting.com for a chat. We’d love to hear from you. If you like the sound of what we’re saying then we can arrange a free survey after that.



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