School Film Showcase

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Why should my school have a showcase film?

✔ A short film showcase for your school is a fantastic, immediate and long lasting way to reach potential parents debating which school to send their children to.

✔ A well-produced film will also show off and highlight the wonderful, enthusiastic teaching practice that occurs in school, encouraging parents of current pupils to apply these in the home thus stimulating the learning process.

✔ It’s a chance for your school to tell its own unique story and to stand out and be remembered.

✔ Online video is a massive growth area and your school should not be left behind.

✔ People would rather watch a short video than read through a lot of text to find out if the school is right for their child.

✔ Watching a short, beautifully shot film creates the right impression immediately.

✔ Video is a powerful medium to tell your story.


Here is a selection of just a few of our well-received short film showcases




A real opportunity awaits

A short film showcase is ideal for parents to view when choosing which school or children’s centre their child will attend. The film would capture your establishment’s personality giving an instant warm, feel-good factor in all a rich, engaging visual experience.

School Life Broadcasting now offers an entirely affordable option for your school to produce a great looking short film showcase.

It’s a fantastic way to create a memorable, lasting first impression and make your school stand out.

We won’t be beaten on value for money. Please contact Sean McKeown on 07917444193 or e-mail and we’ll get right back to you!