School Radio


“Our school has 65% school meals and ranked in the top 100 schools in the UK. We recently installed the broadcasting  package to add to our school and our ambitions for further achievements. The value for money is top class and the academic benefits we see are truly inspiring – oracy, literacy, ICT and skills to develop real opportunities in the media world are just some of the major beliefs of our school, we used a very small part of our pupil premium budget to purchase this wonderful package”
–   Lee Ashton, Head Teacher


“Educational and creatively stimulating offering from SLB! School radio brings a plethora of opportunities to the children, school and parents. It has created a harmonious link with all connected at the school. We recommend the package and School Life Broadcasting” Head Teacher William McGowan and Deputy Head Siobhan Egan


“It has been an immediate success in school. The software makes it really easy to use and the children took great pleasure in giving some of the staff a lesson on how to broadcast. It’s been really interesting to see how the children have reacted to broadcasting around the school. Some of the quieter children have been a revelation. It has given a real confidence boost to the children, who have been extremely excited about being on the radio. A first class service and a very good priced package from a young dynamic company who understand.” Catherine Keane, Head Teacher 


“The school radio station gave the children a real sense of purpose and achievement in their literacy lessons last term. Year 5 used their literacy block to make their own adverts and the champions really came into their own assisting their peers and providing technical support. It has given the children insight into the future world of work and the opportunities available to them. The whole school atmosphere changes when the music is played into the corridors and the dinner halls. Parents find it useful to listen to the announcements from the speakers in the playground before and after school and the children love to hear their friends speaking on the radio”.  – Head of ICT Greenwich


“Manor Park is a vibrant inner city school .  The school serves a diverse community and children come from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds.  I have been Head Teacher at the school for 3 years now and over recent times I have seen how well the children respond to new technologies.  It was this new technology I wanted to tap into in order to excite, motivate and engage the young people at Manor Park School.  I strongly believe that children need a sense of belonging and commitment within the community, and the technology presented by the broadcast station of School Life Radio provided an interesting ‘glue’ to bring these aspects together.”


“The impact was instant; children were naturally motivated by the prospect of writing, designing, producing and broadcasting their own shows.  This saw an instant increase in not only the engagement of the children, but also productivity levels and achievements within their academic work.  The broadcast was aired both within the school and outside the school’s perimeter playground at the start of the school morning, and at the end of the school day when parents were dropping or collecting their children.” – St Patrick’s primary school


“The response from parents was also a hidden gem for community cohesion, and the children’s engagement and excitement has excelled as they achieve academically and make a positive and strong contribution to their school and the community.” Head Teacher Seascape primary


“Sean and Darren from School Life Broadcasting installed our school radio station and trained some of our P7 pupils in radio broadcasting and production skills. The installation was quick and unobtrusive. The training of the pupil team was relaxed, friendly and fully comprehensive. School Life Broadcasting has added a new dimension to intervals and lunchtimes with pupils in charge. They make the daily music choices, do the voice-overs and interviews advertising curriculum and school events. The children love it and this is our Curriculum for Excellence in action. Our funding for this came from the PTA”


School Film Showcases


“I absolutely love the video – it’s got a fab feel – full of warmth – looks welcoming – I love the music – many of us have watched it this morning – everyone says awesome and all have said they are getting goosebumps” – Mrs Jatinder Virk, Headteacher – The Disraeli Children’s Centre & School


“Thank you so much  – the film is amazing and so moving. You have really captured the sentiments that we wanted to convey.” – Mrs Judith Ejdowski, Headteacher, Haydon Abbey School


“I love the whole feel to the film.” – Miss Burch, Headteacher, Widmer End Community Combined School



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